Promotional Videos

Using a combination of drone, land and underwater footage, we will build a 1-3 minute promotional video showcasing the unique and personal features that make your operation special. We have a very collaborative approach, and our goal is to use our experience, skills and knowledge to help bring your ideas to life. We seek your input throughout the process to ensure you are thrilled with the final product.

You can see our video portfolio here.

Underwater Photos

One question we have been asked is – how many photos will we get? Basically, the more dives we can do, the better the collection of photos we can provide. We cull the photos down to a manageable level, only keeping the very best (depending on conditions – we will typically keep about 2-4 photos per dive, on average). Bryan then professionally edits each of these and provides them full-resolution, without watermarks, on a Google Drive shared folder.

Bryan has a full underwater camera rig and is very experienced in taking photos which show divers enjoying clear blue water, colourful reefscapes, and charismatic creatures. He especially enjoys shooting with the sun out, or with a nice blue sky overhead, as that gives the best conditions for eyecatching wide angle shots.

You can see our Underwater Photo portfolio here.

Bryan also has a lot of experience shooting large animals and exciting macro critters, preferring with macro to shoot subjects with black or blurry backgrounds to really make the subjects pop.

Topside Photos

We work together with your dive staff to capture moments that illustrate the atmosphere of your operation, as well as the beauty of the surroundings. Weather and lighting can make or break the photo, so we do our best to plan for the weather and find times of day which show your operation in the best light. Sometimes this means skipping the morning dives to shoot sunrise or take advantage of clear visibility for mountains and volcanoes; sometimes this means waiting until just after sunset to capture dramatic “blue hour” night photos.

You can see our topside portfolio here.

We have experience shooting dive operations, including boats, briefings, entries, and groups of people.

We also work with you to come up with creative photo ideas showing different angles of the resort, using our drone and camera.

We can also provide photos of rooms and suites, working with available natural lighting and light fixtures.