Villa Markisa, Tulamben, Bali

We spent a few days looking out for good pockets of weather, and took photos on the surface, on the dive boat, and around the resort. We also sent up our drone on a few days for some overhead shots.

Bali Hai Diving Adventures, Nusa Penida

For this project we were looking for mood shots of people having fun and getting ready to dive. We made sure to clean up the dive deck, set up some extra briefings, and also waited until a nice clear morning to photograph the dive boat in front of the volcano.

Hippocampus Beach Resort, Malapascua

Hippocampus was a standalone beach resort, partnered with Devocean Divers. We waited for good lighting conditions to capture the beach restaurant, set up an afternoon for staff portraits, and photographed 9 different room types as they became available throughout the week.

Devocean Divers, Malapascua

Along with the underwater photos, Devocean wanted a lot of topside photos for social media and website use. We spent an afternoon going out on a boat and doing a “fun dive” with the shop manager and some divemaster candidates, which allowed us to get a lot of good promotional photos.